iPhoneLS is a port of the iPhone lockscreen for Windows 7 and is installable as a screensaver

Features like customize your own wallpaper are included.

Time and date are visible on the screensaver. It features the "unlocking" just how you know it from the iPhone. You can customize the appearance of the screensaver: The wallpaper is adjustable, you can also let your desktop shine through by selecting the default wallpaper. You can customize the transparency as well as the velocity of the unlocking arrow. You can add your own text to replace the carrier name.

iPhoneLS requires .NET Framework 3.5 or higher, which is built into Windows 7. If you’re using any version of Windows prior to Windows 7, make sure you get .NET Framework 4.0 directly from Microsoft’s download website. Other than that requirement, this screensaver should be as easy to install as any other, like so:

Step 1: download iPhoneLS

Step 2: extract the RAR file. In order to do that you’ll need a custom tool, such as 7-zip or IZArc. You should end up with 4 files: an executable, a screen saver file and two text file. Make sure you extract them onto a directory that won’t be deleted, at least the Screen Saver file. If that file is deleted or moved, the screensaver will stop working.

Step 3: Right-click the Screen Saver file and select “Install”

Step 4: You should immediately see your Windows screensavers settings dialog, with iPhoneLS selected.

Step 5: You can now configure your screensaver with pressing on "Settings.."

[UPDATES]: This Software receives updates now and then. To install updates you just replace your old files with the new files!

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